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Tomato Varieties

Beefsteak, Bunch, Cherry, Cocktail, Pink Paradise, Black tomato

Tomato is a plant species belonging to the genus Cucumber of the eggplant family. Homeland is South America. Wild species are found in Peru, Ecuador and Chile. It appeared in Europe in the middle of the 16th century. Tomatoes are divided into three types: ordinary tomatoes, Peruvian tomatoes and fluffy tomatoes. There are three subspecies of tomato, about 2,000 varieties and forms.


Eggplant – Eggplant belongs to the family of carotene, which contains carotene, vitamin A, B vitamins, vitamin C, sugar, as well as large amounts of potassium, phosphorus, calcium and iron salts.
Eggplant is an annual plant. Eggplant is a valuable vegetable due to its nutritional value, high taste and caloric content. His homeland is India. It was known as an ornamental plant until the 17th-18th centuries, and has been cultivated in the Caucasus since the 18th century.


Cucumber is a plant specie belonging to the genus Cucumber of the pumpkin family. Cucumber is one of the main vegetable plants, which is of interest due to its taste and medicinal value, and is now widespread. Most of the green fruits of cucumbers, ie 94-97% are water, only 3-6% are dry matter.
Cucumbers are grown both in the open ground and in greenhouses. Cucumbers are picked in 8-12 days.


Pepper is a plant genus of the eggplant family. Pepper is native to South America. It was brought to Europe by the Spaniards and soon spread to tropical and subtropical countries. Pepper is especially rich in vitamin C. Pepper differs from vegetables in its taste and nutritional composition.